Basic PSK KIt
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Basic PSK KIt

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Our Basic Personal Survival Kit (PSK) is designed to be used in conjunction with the Centerline Systems Key DC and meet some of your basic needs if an emergency occurs. It can also be used in any other type of survival kit containers. The Kit includes:

  • 20’ of 200lbs test Kevlar SERE Cord
  • 15’ of Brass Snare Wire
  • 1 Micro Starflash Signal Mirror
  • 1 “Visigoth” Austrian 3/8”x3” Firesteel with a High Vis Tie Off loop
  • 1 SERE Razor Knife
  • 1 SERE Striker/Saw
  • 1 Cyflect Glow in the Dark/ Reflective 1.5”x2” Hook and Loop Patch
  • 1 SERE Emergency Fire Starter
  • 1 English Sail Needle


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